Welcome to Forrest Farm!
Forrest Farm is a private community in Hollywood, Maryland. This website provides information to property owners and residents of Forrest Farm.
All residents of the Forrest Farm community are encouraged to check this website on a regular basis to receive the latest news and announcements pertaining our community and its residents. Once again, we would like to thank you all for your patience and continuous support in making Forrest Farm one of Southern Maryland's most cherished communities.
Good day neighbors. Just a note to reiterate the need to exercise sound judgment and an overabundance of vigilance while driving throughout the neighborhood. With Daylight Savings around the corner and the subsequent increase in the amount of hours of darkness, more residents will be walking/running on our roads during times of low visibility. As a reminder, if you witness anyone operating their vehicle in an aggressive manner or blatantly breaking the law, you have the option of reporting these infringements to the proper authority. To avoid such situations and for the safety of everyone, let's ensure we all drive with caution on our roads and abide by all applicable speed limits and laws. Thanks for making this a great place to live and have a great day.