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A few issues/reminders we would like to bring to your attention-
Our neighborhood mail carrier has had a few issues with our mailboxes and has asked for our help.
First, please ensure your mailbox is pest (bees, ants, hornets) free. Our mail carrier was stung this past week and if action on the homeowner's part is not taken, your mail will not be delivered. She left a note at the houses with the worst problems but it would help if everyone checks their boxes and takes appropriate action where needed. 
Secondly, trash cans are being placed too close to the mailboxes which has been impeding the mail carrier's path. Please place. your trash cans on the opposite side of your driveway from your mailbox. This will help prevent the trash removal company from placing the cans next to the mailbox once they are unloaded. 
Also, please ensure you remove your trash receptacles from the end of your driveways on the same day your pickup is completed. We have seen cans at the end of driveways for days at a time. With summer storm season encroaching, empty trash cans can easily become hazards in the roads or projectiles in strong wind conditions. 
Lastly, a reminder to continue to be courteous to your neighbors. This includes picking up after your dogs and then properly disposing their waste as well as watching your speed on our streets. With warmer weather upon us, there will be an increase in pedestrians as well as kids on bikes especially with pool season only a week away. If you do witness an excessive speeder, this can be reported to the police via their non-emergency line- 301 475-4040. Last fall, enough of these calls eventually resulted in speed traps to ensure people were driving in our neighborhood at safe, reasonable speeds. Hopefully, it does not come to this and members of our community can simply slow down and be good neighbors.
June 11th details to follow.